Node.js Growth and Adoption

Node.js is everywhere now, it is the fastest growing

More than 400 new packages are published to npm everyday according to

Node.js has an estimated 3.5M users and is consistently growing at 100% per year, and there is no sign this is slowing down.

The new full stack

The whole stack that modern developer has to contain with. It used to be a full stack that doing Frontend and doing Backend.

Nodejs is fasticated because it has became the unified platform for web, mobile, desktop, API services, cloud computing and IoT.

1. Web Frontend Development

2. Mobile development

Apache Cordova bring web technologis (A unified platform ) for cross-platform mobile development. In their latest release, it actually bring node in thier platform.

3. Desktop development

Electron brings web and the entire node eco-system to desktop development. Now you can write a sinle application that feels good on Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Slack and Visual Studio Code are build on Electron.

4. Clound Services

Developer don't want to rack their own server.

There is no cloud. One of their top support languages is always Node.js.

5. IoT Devices

IoT development has been very difficult and with a lot of custom languages for a while.

Early on in node history, developer started to realize that Node is actually a very good fit for IoT. For a couple reason:

  • We have more than 20 years experiences doing event-driven programming in JavaScript.
  • The way web work is you click on things and event happens. IoT is basically that, but in real world instead of clicking button, you actually trigger a sensor.
  • In the past few years, the major IoT platform makers have put node on the devices, for example Tessel 2 and Raspberry Pi
  • Open the IoT world to entire

6. API

New API era

Application has been built in API.

Node platfrom