Nano Editor

If you need to edit a file and don't want to spend any time learning an abscure editor, then use Nano. Nano is a clone of pico, so if for some reasons the nano command isn't available, try pico.

It is very easy to learn Nano editor. But it is not as advanced as the other editors like vi and emacs . To edit a file with Nano , symple type nano file.

For Example:
$ nano testOne.txt

Linux - Editing file in nano

When you start Nano you can see the file's contents and a list of commands at the bottom of your screen. The carrot (^) symbol represents a Ctrl key. So, you see that

  • Ctrl + X to exit.
  • Ctrl + W to search.
  • Ctrl + O to save.
  • Ctrl + G to get help.
  • etc...

Editing with Nano is pretty easy. Arrow keys work as you expect, down, right, up, left.